Methodology & FAQ

We get data from founders who submit their deal information to us, so we can help them spread the good news. We also get data from online, public sources.

In most cases you will see an accompanying article or post for a company's funding round. In cases where there is no article/post we reach out to the founders and our network for confirmation.

We are the most accurate account of Tech based deals at the ecosystem level in Canada.

When comparing our numbers to others there are differences, sometimes the numbers are close. Often the numbers are different because we have a much more strict definition of a tech company, more accurate information on the city location of the company, and we classify Canadian companies in a way that fits more with the ethos of the tech ecosystems in Canada.

We acknowledge that tech vs tech-enabled is a hard line to define. We only store deals for companies that are building Technology or Science/Medical products (eg. FinTech, BioTech, SaaS, MedTech, Hardware, NanoTech, etc.).

We do not include deals for online brands, DTC companies, retail companies selling online, traditional oil and gas companies, consulting agencies, mining companies, etc. These type of companies may be tech-enabled and are important in our ecosystems, but they are not building/selling tech as core to their product.

For certain companies, where the line is blurry, we will make a judgement call on a case-by-case basis. In these cases we will tag the company and deal as "misc".

We classify a Canadian tech company as one that is Headquartered in Canada OR is dual-headquartered in Canada and one other location OR was founded in Canada by Canadian citizens and has the majority of their team in Canada.

When there is doubt, we use our network and/or ask the founders in order to make the final determination. (eg. In some cases other systems may state that a company is based in Toronto but their HQ is actually Waterloo or Vancouver).

We track Pre-Seed (which includes Angel rounds), Seed, Series A/B/C/D+ deals. On occasion, we have added grants, but only when the companies have significant traction already.

We do not track debt only deals, PE deals or IPOs. Sometimes a deal contains both debt and equity without a breakdown %, in that case we add the full deal amount.

We use the publicly announced date or the date when we get confirmation from the founder that the deal occurred.

On occasion an older deal is disclosed as part of a new deal. In that case we add that older deal to the database using its closed date.

No, we do not sell data!